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Covid Symptom Tracker

Healthcare workers are using this nationwide so that their increased risk can be recorded

This information is sourced from Kings College London (KCL):

You can download the symptom tracker app and use it for <1 minute a day to contribute to the largest community monitoring of COVID in the world

  • Healthcare and hospital workers are using this nationwide so their increased risk can be recorded
  • Members of the public are using the app to track their daily health whether they are healthy or showing potential COVID-19 symptoms

The governmental organisation SAGE and teams from the NHS will be working closely with data scientists at Kings College London and infectious disease epidemiologists:

  • to understand which symptoms being reported are COVID-19 even if mild
  • to identify who is most at risk by better understanding symptoms linked to health conditions
  • to understand how fast the virus is spreading in your area
  • to understand which areas of the country need the most support including hospital space, test kits and staff

By using this app you’re contributing to advance vital research on COVID-19

This page updates every day with the number of current Covid infections in each area of the UK: