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Covid-19 Primary Care Resources

Testing, Trials and Research

Management of long Covid in primary care

A summary of current guidelines on symptoms, criteria for diagnosis and an approach to management

All Covid-19 Resources Post-viral recovery
Acute Covid-19 management

An updated synthesis of all relevant guidance for primary care

All Covid-19 Resources Triage and Treatment
Covid antibody and antiviral treatments

An updated summary of currently available treatments, eligibility criteria and how to refer

All Covid-19 Resources Prescribing Triage and Treatment
Conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding and vaccination

Updated guidance and safety data from the RCOG and PHE Greenbook

All Covid-19 Resources Vaccinations Women's Health
New onset diabetes

Covid-19 can trigger new-onset diabetes in previously healthy people

All Covid-19 Resources Children and Young People Diabetes Post-viral recovery

One of the largest Covid studies relevant to General Practice in the UK

All Covid-19 Resources
Covid-19 vaccine research

NIHR is developing a consent for contact register

All Covid-19 Resources
Clinical trial requires donated blood plasma

The NHS Blood and Transplant service request donations from people who have recovered from Covid-19

All Covid-19 Resources
Covid Symptom Tracker

Healthcare workers are using this nationwide so that their increased risk can be recorded

All Covid-19 Resources
When to take an antigen or antibody test for Covid-19

After a few days of illness the concentration of the virus falls

All Covid-19 Resources