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Covid-19 Primary Care Resources

Testing, Trials and Research

Antigen testing

It is now a statutory duty that primary care staff testing with lateral flows report their test results online – whether negative, positive or invalid. PHE has expanded the testing criteria for clinicians and the testing window for patients.

QCovid Risk Calculator Diabetes Mental Health Other conditions Socially Vulnerable Groups Staff Support

Additional people are now being added to the Shielded Patient List using the QCovid risk calculator

Advice on wearing PPE for the public Infection Control

Revised UK and WHO guidance: education on proper use is critical

Clinical trial looking to enrol children and young people Children and Young People

University of Oxford study measuring antibody levels in children age 0-19 across the UK

Symptoms and Signs Triage and Treatment

Emerging evidence on symptoms and signs of Covid-19, and formal case definition from PHE

Evidence on Covid in children Children and Young People

An updated summary on infection rates, common presentations and transmission

Management of long Covid in primary care Post-viral recovery

A summary of current guidelines on symptoms, criteria for diagnosis and an approach to management

Vitamin D Prescribing

Further evidence is needed to assess whether vitamin D deficiency affects the severity of SARS-CoV-2 infection

Management and guidance for febrile children Children and Young People Triage and Treatment

How to approach possible Covid-19 infection in children and guidance on school attendance

Covid-19 vaccine research

NIHR is developing a consent for contact register

Advice for smokers and vapers Other conditions

Guidance and emerging evidence on risks of smoking, vaping and illness severity of Covid-19

Clinical trial requires donated blood plasma

The NHS Blood and Transplant service request donations from people who have recovered from Covid-19

What do I need to know about skin manifestations of Covid-19? Ask an Expert Triage and Treatment

Advice from a Consultant Dermatologist at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases


One of the largest Covid studies relevant to General Practice in the UK

Covid Symptom Tracker

Healthcare workers are using this nationwide so that their increased risk can be recorded

When to take an antigen or antibody test for Covid-19

After a few days of illness the concentration of the virus falls

Key workers can now self refer for a Covid-19 test Staff Support

Details of home and regional testing for key workers and their households, and when best to take the test