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BMA GPC England chair under temporary suspension

BMA GPC England chair under temporary suspension

Exclusive The chair of the BMA’s English GP Committee is currently on temporary suspension following complaints made by the organisation’s staff.

Pulse understands that Dr Farah Jameel, the first female GPC chair in England, is facing two complaints by staff members.

She is currently going through the complaints procedure, but has not yet been found guilty of anything.

Pulse reported last week that Dr Jameel was not performing duties as chair of GPC England.

It is understood that any complaints from staff undergo an initial review by an independent law firm as to whether they should be escalated and, if they decide to do so, the BMA official is temporarily suspended.

In an investigation earlier in the year, Pulse reported that Dr Jameel had taken time off ill with stress following sexist comments made to her.

A damning report by Ijeoma Omambala QC into the BMA’s England GP Committee in May this year found evidence of continued bullying, which contributes to the marginalisation of women, ethnic and other minorities.

The BMA responded that it had concerns about culture and conduct related to GPC England. It has said it is taking measures to address the culture.

Dr Jameel told Pulse: ‘I would like to comment, however I am prevented to do so because of the processes of the BMA.’

The BMA declined to comment.

Note: This article was amended at 13.52pm on 11 November. It previously inaccurately referred to bullying as a reason behind the complaints. This was not mentioned as part of the complaints.

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