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BMA surveys GPs on potentially leaving NHS amid current abuse

BMA surveys GPs on potentially leaving NHS amid current abuse

Exclusive The BMA has launched a survey into general practice’s response to the current abuse and workload crises, asking whether GPs would consider leaving the NHS or handing in undated resignations among other actions.

The survey asks what GPs are ‘prepared to do’ if there is no ‘satisfactory response’ from the Government in the next three weeks.

Respondents are asked whether they would be prepared to ‘refuse to take part’ in their next appraisal, noting that this would be a ‘contractual breach as well as not complying with other regulations’, as well as withdrawing from remote consultations and the PCN enhanced service, as well as cutting out-of-hours work.

It comes as the doctors’ representative body called on the Government for ‘clear public backing for GPs’ acknowledging ‘the huge pressure they are under’ after an emergency meeting with the health secretary last week.

In the meeting, the BMA also demanded urgent investment in primary care to ‘remove unnecessary bureaucracy’ and a Government commitment to work with the BMA on ‘a national campaign to stop the abuse of NHS staff’.

It follows a dramatic increase in levels of abuse towards GPs and practice staff over the past few months, as well as media campaigns insisting GPs see more patients face-to-face.

Respondents were asked:

  • whether they would be prepared to stop providing remote consultations such as telephone or video, and only do face to face consultations;
  • if they would withdraw from the PCN direct enhanced services, and other enhanced services;
  • about out of hours work, extended access, and 111 and urgent treatment centre sessions;
  • whether they would decrease their number of sessions;
  • whether they would be prepared to leave the NHS;
  • if GP partners would be prepared to submit an undated resignation as part of the practice handing back its core contract;
  • if PCN clinical directors would be willing to withdraw from PCN meetings.

It follows new NHS Digital data showing that GP practices in England saw five million more patients in August this year compared to the same month last year.



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Patrufini Duffy 1 October, 2021 5:13 pm

You don’t have to leave the NHS to prove a point___Just don’t go to work for a week. That raucous and vilifying 10% think you don’t work anyway. Its called a strike. But, then there’s that old chestnut obstacle they dust off: “The Hippocratic Oath” – and “patient comes first” blah, you come second, or third – from the 3rd century BC and the healing Gods of Greece.

David jenkins 1 October, 2021 5:53 pm

don’t go on strike – very bad for pr.

go on sick, with stress if you want – play the “mental health” card – everybody else is doing it !!

or brush against someone in the supermarket without a mask (there’s loads of them), develop a cough, and self isolate !

get your colleagues to do the same !

i implore all locums to be “unavailable at short notice” so that joe public really does realise that their behaviour is the cause of their problems.

if you get more sh*t while you’re off, then obviously this will delay your recovery. or, go back for a few days, then go off again.

if everyone does it – and i do mean everyone, this will quickly be resolved.

exceptions for single handers, or small practices; though the patients of these are usually much nicer, and less likely to give you problems !

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Cameron Wilson 1 October, 2021 6:11 pm

BMA should have been working on an alternative model years ago! We are going to be vilified whatever so we might as well look after number one for a change!

Patrufini Duffy 1 October, 2021 7:43 pm

En masse Fit Notes with amended duties. I like that idea David.

Vinci Ho 2 October, 2021 1:56 pm

You see
The only question I would ask( if BMA would also) is ,
Is the Health Secretary and NHS England prepared to wait until the first GP being killed by an angry abuser before they would make any official statement?
You think the propaganda media know how to play sensationalism and populism , we know how to as well 😈😑

Dave Haddock 2 October, 2021 3:43 pm

BMA needs to establish a working party to produce a plausible plan as to how GPs could leave the NHS whilst still working and earning a living.
The threat of leaving needs to be plausible.
As for Appraisal- why is it taking so long to say no this crock of faeces? Appraisal has never benefited the vast majority of GPs, the BMA collusion with the process has been shameful.

Dylan Summers 5 October, 2021 9:28 am

@ Dave Haddock

recommend x100

Ticking a box on a survey to say you might leave the NHS isn’t going to impress anyone.

Working towards an actual process for leaving the NHS might just do so.