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LMC recommends GPs ‘do not participate’ in NHSE plan

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Exclusive An LMC has advised practices ‘not to participate in any aspect’ of NHS England’s measures to improve access to general practice.

The plans have ‘no contractual standing’ and there is ‘no requirement’ for practices to engage or respond, Surrey and Sussex LMCs (SSLMCs) said in a letter sent to local practices yesterday.

The letter from SSLMCs chief executive Dr Julius Parker, seen by Pulse, said: ‘In view of this recommendation by NHS England to extra-contractual performance management, SSLMCs advises all practices not to participate in any aspect of these proposals, until and only if, local negotiations can achieve a genuinely valuable and clinically evidenced alternative process.’

It added that NHS England’s suggested timescales, including for ICSs to submit a list of practices with the lowest levels of face-to-face appointments by 28 October, are ‘completely unrealistic’ and will be ‘based on incomplete, unevidenced data’.

It said: ‘NHS England’s timescales, and therefore CCG timescales, should be of no concern to practices: you are under no obligation to respond to any requests for meetings, discussion, reflection, analysis or to provide any commentary if the CCG contact you about what will be the inadequate data which they are obliged to rely on.’

The LMC advised practices not to engage with NHS England’s ‘disastrous’ plan unless CCGs can ‘transform’ it ‘into something which might be of tangible benefit to practices and therefore the care provided to patients’. 

It said: ‘At this point the LMC does not recommend practices engage with this initiative or respond to it. It has no contractual standing and there is no requirement to do so.’

In an accompanying analysis of the NHS support plan, also seen by Pulse, the LMC said: ‘It is important to also note that this plan is imposed, it has not been subject to negotiation with either GPC or the BMA.’

It added: ‘The LMC is planning further communications with all practices on this issue and understands GPC is also hoping to do the same.’

The letter also said the GP support package is ‘politically motivated’ and ‘pander[s] to popular campaigns in sections of the press’.

GPs working for CCGs are not as ‘constrained’ as those working in CCG manager roles and ‘should be prepared to say what they think’, while GPs ‘should be clear in their views to their PCN clinical directors’, the letter added. 

It said: ‘GPs do have a choice – none of these proposals are written into your contract and on none of these targets can your practices be performance managed.

‘You can, and I am sure will wish to, ignore any attempts to do so.’

It added: ‘The LMC strongly recommends GP colleagues, practice managers and other members of the team focus on their continuing efforts to provide safe, and responsive patient care; efforts that speak volumes about your dedication and commitment.’

NHS England’s package of support for GPs, announced last week, was met with fierce criticism from GPs and their leaders.

Among other things, the package includes plans for patients to rate GP practices in ‘real time’ via text message and practices to employ retired secondary care doctors, including geriatricians.


Dr N 18 October, 2021 3:02 pm

I beg that the GPC or all LMCs say exactly the same and can all slipper/cardigan wearing GPs please also not participate.

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Patrufini Duffy 18 October, 2021 3:18 pm

Doctors should call out and repel the growing culture of narcissistic, reality-warped politicians, blinded (mis)leaders and investment bankers. You are all above that. You run this NHS, not them. They only seek to destroy it, and invite misery for privatisation. This spanner was set to drive you out, so others can come in. Politicians augment and perpetuate a bottomless aggressive demand for medicalistion so their future profits in health anxiety and hypochondriacs can be secured. If you can’t walk away, then just do less. Work smart, not harder. They picked a historical fight on Thursday. One that stared you in the face and pushed you far into the lions den after years amongst the sharks, sledging and brutal misinformation. Look how they all scurried together when a politician got stabbed. They took over the airwaves, protected themselves and gathered together in solidarity against the villian – also known as the public. Your colleagues are dead, because of politicians. Either though covid, suicide or mental torture. They’ve killed of 167,000 patients out of arrogance, ego and error. And continue with hundreds per week. They’ve killed many more across this planet to where they send missiles and arms. And it is you, the carer, the doctor that works for the state, that is vindicated daily and that is permissible – because you’re the battering ram for UK society’s woes and bleakness, and you must keep the public from them and open your doors so they can shut theirs firm. That’s why they never visit a busy GP or A+E – just clean spotless premises for a showcase photo. Then they run. Their superficial interaction is done. Blue suits and party dresses smell of deep corruption. This country is headed for an abyss across all sectors, stand your ground and look beyond the headlines to what they are planning.

Doc Getmeout 18 October, 2021 3:58 pm

United we stand –

We will speak with one voice and support each other !!!

Nigel Clark 18 October, 2021 5:37 pm

Well said Dr’s Julius Parker, and I assume, Dr Patrufini Duffy? This is all non-contractual b’s, and has to be resisted until of proven benefit to our patients, staff and ourselves.

James Barber 18 October, 2021 5:40 pm

“includes plans for practices to employ retired secondary care doctors, including geriatricians.”

LOL! How will we find time to fit in all interviews for the eager candidates?

James Weems 18 October, 2021 9:12 pm

Absolutely I’m support of Dr Parker here.

Stuart Buchanan 18 October, 2021 9:58 pm

Well done Julius Parker! Someone with intelligence and pragmatism at Last. It would be nice to see RCGP supporting this response to government policy. If the Prof had a ‘senior tory’ asking him why he doesnt just tell his GPs to work harder, its clear that the tory party either are incapable of or dont want to, grasp what is going on here.

Vinci Ho 19 October, 2021 4:28 am

Confucius said in Analects, ‘三軍可以奪帥也,匹夫不可奪志也 ’, which translates in modern terms,
‘ Though the chief of command of the Army , Navy and Air Force could be carried off , the will of a common soldiers can never be removed . ‘
I know we have our own differences within our profession , union , representatives etc throughout the years . But as I wrote last week , this is a political battle that is inevitable to re-define both our front and bottom red lines against the government (any government) . Whether you were dovish or hawkish , perhaps it is no longer important…..

Vinci Ho 19 October, 2021 4:33 am

…common soldier…

Vinci Ho 19 October, 2021 4:37 am

If Surrey and Sussex LMCs have already launched an ‘uncooperative movement’ , so be it ……..😑

Vinci Ho 19 October, 2021 5:06 am

May the force be with you , Jedi comrades.

Kevlar Cardie 20 October, 2021 1:50 pm

The Daily Heil is weeing into its jackboots over this ?

Their other campaign to reoccupy the Sudatenland can’t have gone quite to plan then.