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Next GPCE chair candidates revealed ahead of vote this week

Next GPCE chair candidates revealed ahead of vote this week

Two GP leaders have put themselves forward to be elected as the next chair of the BMA GP Committee for England.

Pulse understands that Dr Kieran Sharrock, a GP in Lincolnshire and current GPCE acting chair, and Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer, chair of the UK LMC conference and chief executive of Cambridgeshire LMC, have now been identified as the two candidates running for the role.

The committee will elect a new chair, following a no-confidence vote in former chair Dr Farah Jameel earlier this month.

It voted in favour of a motion proposing it was ‘deeply concerned at the lack of clarity surrounding the status of the alleged suspension’ of Dr Jameel, and demanded new elections be held imminently.

The vote closes on Thursday August 3.

Following the vote of no confidence earlier this month, GPs and other healthcare professionals expressed concern about the vote’s fairness, with a petition calling for its withdrawal having received over 600 signatures.

One LMC confederation said it would be ‘natural’ for colleagues to be concerned that her removal was ‘discriminatory’.

However, the BMA said no legal obligations were breached in its handling of Dr Jameel’s removal.

Pulse understands that the GPCE chair position does not hold an employment contract with the BMA and therefore the Equality Act 2010, which legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace, may not apply.

Dr Jameel was elected as the first female GPCE chair in late 2021, but was put on temporary suspension in November last year following complaints made by the organisation’s staff.

Formal hearings into the complaint have not yet taken place due to Dr Jameel’s ongoing maternity leave, which she began at around the same time as her suspension towards the end of last year.

In an investigation earlier in 2022, Pulse reported that Dr Jameel had taken time off ill with stress following sexist comments made to her.



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Not on your Nelly 31 July, 2023 6:05 pm

well at least the new names are acceptable more than the last chairs to the majority. No surprises there from the BMA.

paul cundy 31 July, 2023 10:56 pm

Dear All,
It’s utter nonsense to claim the Chair is not “employed” by the BMA. First off there is a signed contract. Second everything they do, say or commit to has to be signed of and consistent with BMA policies and protocols. Thirdly they can only ever speak as the Chair, every letter they write is on BMA headed notepaper. They are personally subject to all of the BMA’s policies and protocols such as its complaints policy. They are not allowed to do any other work in the field for anyone else. The term is for 3 years. I could go on.
Whether or not you are an employee is not for the paying organisation to decide, it is the conditions, circumstances and constraints, or lack of them, that determine whether you are employed or not. When taken as a whole all of the above easily and comprehensively satisfy the criteria of being an employee.
This is simply the BMA trying to avoid its responsibilities and duck its duties.
I think HMRC would be very interested in looking into these arrangements.
Paul C

neo 99 31 July, 2023 11:53 pm

@paul.C. Absolutely correct. Whoever the BMA are getting legal advice from seem incompetent. If it looks like and employment contract then it is an employment or worker contract. In any case, even if you are not “employed” , you have a right to make a claim under under the 9 protected characteristics under the equality act 2010. BMA are badly advised.