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GPs receive ‘menacing’ anti-child Covid vaccination letters claiming to be from solicitors

GPs receive ‘menacing’ anti-child Covid vaccination letters claiming to be from solicitors

Exclusive GPs have received ‘menacing’ anonymous letters warning against administering child Covid vaccinations, claiming to come from solicitors.

An anti-vaccination letter seen by Pulse said it put GPs ‘on notice’ of their ‘potential liability’ if a child registered with the practice was ‘injured, in some way damaged, or killed’ by the ‘experimental’ Pfizer Covid jab.

The letter, sent to a number of Scottish GP practices, said it was from a ‘group of scientists, doctors, lawyers and other professionals who are closely documenting the management of the Covid pandemic in your area’.

The anonymous senders claimed to be concerned ‘with any failure to apply the precautionary principle, to elicit informed consent and most importantly, to do no harm’.

The letter added: ‘We recommend that you obtain legal advice in respect of how these matters concern yourself.’

Fife GP Dr Angela Dixon said they had forwarded the letter to the police but was told there was nothing they could do as the letter was anonymous and not threatening violence.

She told Pulse: ‘I can understand some people feel there is insufficient evidence of personal benefit to vaccinate children against Covid-19, but the letter is quite menacing and factually incorrect.’

GP practices in Cornwall have also received anti-vaccination letters, according to Kernow LMC.

This included a letter claiming to be from a firm of solicitors, ‘ordering them to stop running Covid-19 vaccination clinics’.

According to the LMC, NHS England was aware of similar letters and email supposedly sent by a law firm to a large number of vaccination sites and schools offering the Covid jab.

NHS England advised that the letters and emails are ‘designed to intimidate staff and adversely affect the vaccination programme’. But it said the threats of legal action directed at staff have ‘absolutely no basis in law’ and that references to police investigations are ‘false’.

It added: ‘Staff should be assured that the vaccination programme is completely lawful and has the full backing of the British Government and the British Legal system and these threats of legal action should be ignored.’

NHS England advice on dealing with anti-vax communication:

  • Not to engage directly: misinformation narratives and tactics flourish when they are responded to and experience shows that any formal responses will be followed by even more anti-vaccination communication.
  • Acknowledge receipt: if a response is needed, simply acknowledge receipt of concerns. (Only if absolutely necessary in order to diffuse any potential conflict)

Source: Kernow LMC newsletter

In October, GP practices and PCN-led vaccination sites faced pressure from anti-vaccine protestors.

GPs were warned that criticising the Covid vaccine or other pandemic measures via social media could leave them ‘vulnerable’ to GMC investigation.

In February, the Government announced that all children aged 5-11 would become eligible for ‘non-urgent’ Covid vaccination in England, Scotland and Wales, following new advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation.

NHS England has said that the majority of Covid vaccinations in the 5-11 age group would take place in primary care.

And the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has recently approved the Moderna Covid vaccine for use in children aged 6-11.


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David Church 5 May, 2022 8:09 am

These letters are in Wales too.
Any person who threatens their GP should be transferred to the ‘Violent Patient Pogramme, where they can be seen only in a (distant) secure facility.
There is no excuse for menacing letters – and no need either!
If they do not want their children to have them, they just need to register a ‘no consent’.
Of course, the better way to have avoided the need to use expirmental-technology vaccines (that bit in the letter IS TRUE, remember!) would have been, and still is, TO ELIMINATE the need for vaccination at all, by quarantining to eliminate transmission. Parents who make their children pass on covid to other people, harming them, are a menace to the health of the nation and society that gives them the privilege of being parents to start with – and they do not deserve these privileges if they are menacing GPs, sorry.