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Almost two-thirds of GP staff took up offer of flu and Covid vaccines this winter

Almost two-thirds of GP staff took up offer of flu and Covid vaccines this winter

Almost two-thirds of frontline health workers in GP practices have had a flu and Covid booster vaccine this winter, provisional data from NHS England suggests.

Figures up to the end of December show 64.1% of patient-facing GP staff have had a seasonal flu jab and 62.2% a Covid vaccination.

This compares with 46.7% having a flu vaccine and 39.7% having a Covid vaccine since September in NHS hospital trusts, the data shows.

The final figures may change as more data is submitted or validated, NHS England said.

In September it was reported that GP practices would not be reimbursed for delivering the flu vaccination to their staff this year but were still obliged to offer it under their occupational health duties.

The Government had considered introducing a GP Covid vaccine mandate but this was revoked.

It was announced that GPs and their patient-facing staff would no longer be required to be vaccinated against Covid-19 just days before the 3 February deadline for unvaccinated staff to get their first Covid vaccine – subject to a consultation and a House of Commons vote.

The DHSC instead said it would ‘build on the existing work to support and encourage vaccine uptake’ as it ‘continues to be a clear professional responsibility of all health and social care staff to be vaccinated’.

By April 2022, more than 95% of GP practice staff had received two doses of Covid vaccine and 88% a third booster dose.

Publicity campaigns from NHS England encouraged frontline healthcare workers to be vaccinated ahead of ‘a resurgence in influenza activity in winter 2022 to 2023 to levels similar to or higher than before the pandemic’.

‘All frontline health care and social care workers should be offered vaccination by their employer. This is an employer’s responsibility to help protect their staff and patients or clients and ensure the overall safe running of services,’ NHS England said.


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