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Peripheral arterial disease added to QOF for 2012/13

Peripheral arterial disease will make a first appearance in next year's QOF, much to the relief of a GP who has campaigned for its inclusion.

New standards mean a practice can earn up to eight points for PAD – with two points for drawing up a register and a further two if between 40 and 90% of those patients have a record in the preceding 15 months that aspirin or an alternative anti-platelet is being taken.

A further two points require the same percentage range of patients with PAD should have a record that the last blood pressure reading is 150/90mmHg or less, and another two pay for 40-90% of patients having a last measured cholesterol of 5.0mmol/l or less.

Dr Andrew Mimnagh, a GP in Waterloo, Merseyside, and a board member of the charity Target PAD, said: ‘It's great to see a five-year campaign rewarded with common sense at last.'

Although pleased the disease is now a recognised priority, Dr Mimnagh said that he had some concerns there would not be enough capacity in testing arrangements: ‘I worry a bit that there will not be the capacity and availability of diagnostic tests in all areas as knowledge of this can be a bit hit and miss.'