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In full: 2014/15 GP contract specifications

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Summary of contract guidance key points

– monthly global sum payments rise to £73.56 per patient

– MPIG is reduced by one-seventh

– 341 QOF points are retired, 238 points reinvested into core funding

– practices must assign a named, accountable GP to all patients aged 75 and over

– new duties of cooperation with out-of-hours providers including timely sharing of patient data and same-day review of clinical details

– NHS number should be on all correspondence

– online appointment booking and presciption renewal becomes a contractual requirement

– GPs have to automate uploads to the Summary Care Record or publicise plans to do so

– must use the GP2GP transfer of patient records when a patient registers or deregisters

– patients should be given access to summaries from their medical records online, publicised plan required by September, implementation by April 2015

– net GP earnings will be published from April 2015, subject to details being ironed out

– NHS Employers, NHS England and GPC will be discussing changes to the Carr-Hill formula to be implemented from April 2015 – this ‘may include the development of a bespoke deprivation index based on a number of clinical conditions which reflect deprivation’

– From December 2014, the Friends and Family Test will be a contractual requirement and the contract regulations will be updated by October to reflect the change

– From October, GPs can register patients from outside their boundary area, a working group will be working through how arrangements around home visiting and access to urgent care will work

Source: NHS Employers