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All the headlines from the 2021/22 GP contract at a glance

All the headlines from the 2021/22 GP contract at a glance

The BMA has today unveiled details of this year’s updates to the GP contract, which it said includes ‘minimal changes’ to provide practices with ‘support and stability’ through the Covid pandemic.

The main headlines include:

Other changes coming in from April include:

  • ARRS funding will see an uplift from a maximum of £430m in 2020/21 to a maximum of £746m in 2021/22, as previously agreed. Other contract uplifts, such as to global sum and the IIF, will also go ahead as planned.
  • NHS England will collect data on practice staff terms and conditions to inform guidance and explore how to make gender pay gap information ‘more transparent’ in 2021/22.
  • The cervical screening additional service will become an essential service.
  • Patient consent for electronic repeat dispensing will no longer be required on a permanent basis, following its removal during the pandemic.
  • A ‘more timely’ transfer of records for patients who move between practices will become a contractual requirement.
  • ‘Minor’ updates will be made to the PCN DES Structured Medication Review and Early Cancer Diagnosis services.
  • The transfer of clinical pharmacists to PCNs from the Clinical Pharmacist in General Practice scheme will be allowed from 1 April to 30 Sept 21.
  • The current arrangement that means practices operating a ‘total-triage’ / ‘triage-first’ model do not have to meet the 25% online booking contract requirement will be extended from April.



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Not Arvind Madan 22 January, 2021 3:15 pm

They just couldnt help themsevles…..

David Church 23 January, 2021 8:31 am

What is the benefit of cutting CMHT funding and then paying for cmht staff out of the budget that is meant to be for GP services? Just another funding cut paid for by GPs??

David Church 23 January, 2021 8:34 am

‘More timely’ transfer of patient records between practices would be very welcome!
At present if a patient moves to a new practice just 5 miles away, the old GP receives a recall notice for their notes within 2 working days, and bundels them up and sends back to HB/BSC/CCG within a week, but they are not delivered to the new practice for about 3 months, causing considerable risk to the patient and extra work for the new GP in the meantime.
This ineffiient transport system certainly needs updating!!!!!