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Area team block GP retirement over PMS contract quarrel

A GP’s application to take 24-hour retirement has been blocked by NHS managers, because of an ongoing dispute concerning a review of his practice’s PMS contract that proposed to cut their funding by 26%.

London South area team replied to Dr Rob Jones’ retirement request saying it would not be granted unless the practice resolved its ‘contractual issues’.

But Dr Jones told Pulse that their practice accountant had warned them that accepting the PMS funding cut in 2011 would leave the practice in an unsecure financial position, they asked to switch to a GMS contract in late spring last year and have not heard anything.

Dr Jones said: ‘I applied for 24 hour retirement in January this year and eventually last week I was told that the request was being refused, the reason being specifically that we were in dispute regarding the contract. I am in the process of getting advice from the BMA.’

London South Area Team confirmed to Pulse that they had indeed blocked Dr Brown’s retirement plans, but did not comment on why they have yet to come up with an alternative contract offer.

A spokesperson told Pulse: ‘We have received an application from Dr Jones regarding his 24-hour retirement, however as he is a signatory to his practice’s contract, any contractual issues must be resolved before his request can be considered.’

‘We are currently liaising with the practice regarding new PMS contracts following a review, and are working to resolve this issue as a matter of urgency.’