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At a glance: the 2013 GP contract in England

>The funding uplift will be 1.47%, which will be paid into the global sum equivalent - meaning all practices will get an uplift - and will incorporate a 0.15% uplift for to cover the costs of locum superannuation employer contributions, which will now be paid by practices.

>The minimum practice income guarantee (MPIG) will be phased out incrementally over seven years.

>All recommendations by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) for new and improved indicators to the quality and outcomes framework will be implemented in full.

>QOF reward thresholds will be increased.

>Organisational QOF payments will be discontinued at a cost to GPs of £164m.

>The extra services to be commissioned from GP practices will cover: 1) improving the assessment of people with dementia 2) improving care management for frail older people and other high risk patients at risk of unplanned hospital admissions 3) using technology to help monitor the health of people with long term conditions and 4) improving online access to services.

>The NHS Commissioning Board will develop more detailed specifications for these new schemes.

>The Department of Health will invest £10m annually (dependent on take up) to GP practices for two new vaccination programmes for rotavirus and shingles.

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