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CCGs to influence GP contracts

The NHS Commissioning Board will work with CCGs to determine what services should be provided under the GP contract, the Government’s commissioning lead has said.

Speaking about the role of CCGs in commissioning primary care, Dame Barbara Hakin said that although the NHS CB will be responsible for holding the GMS and PMS contracts, CCGs will feed into that process.

She said: ‘What is absolutely clear is that the Board hold the basic GMS and PMS contracts but CCGs have a duty of partnership and a duty to improve the quality of primary care.

‘This is not about delegating the management of contracts for primary care to CCGs, that will be responsibility of the Board.’

She also reiterated that CCGs are membership organisations with which GPs should engage and that CCGs will hold the responsibility for commissioning Local Enhances Services on the ground.

A CB spokesperson said: ‘CCGs will be able to commission a wide range of community-based services that meet the health needs of local communities, including primary care services that go beyond the scope of the GP contract.  Many CCGs are already working to identify these services, and their efforts were applauded by Dame Barbara Hakin at the NHS Alliance conference.’