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Global sum to rise 5.9% to £80.59 per patient from April

The global sum payment per patient before weighting will increase by 5.9% for 2016/17 to £80.59 per patient.

The global sum increase represents one part of the overall £220m, or 3.2%, funding uplift for general practice announced in the new GP contract, which is intended to cover increased costs facing GPs and also deliver GPs a 1% pay rise.

In 2015/16 there were two global sum per patient figures to accommodate a reduction in seniority payments with a simultaneous reinvestment into the global sum budget, carried out in October 2015.

The value of the global sum for the first half of 2015/16 was £75.77 (a 3% increase from the year before) and £76.51 for the second half of the year, with NHS England using a mean average of those two figures, £76.14, to represent 2015/16 global sum in the increase calculation.

The global sum increase includes three elements of the contract that have been reinvested into core funding, following the retirement of the Dementia DES and reductions to MPIG and seniority payments ‘to ensure the overall investment in general practice is maintained following those changes’, an NHS England spokesperson said.