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GP new models of care receive £37m funding

NHS England has announced £70m in funding going to its ‘new models of care’ that provide primary and secondary care, including £37m to GP-led organisations.

The 13 GP-led multispecialty community provider (MCPs) vanguards will receive investments worth between £75,000 to £4.8m.

The new models of care were announced by NHS England in its Five Year Forward View in October 2014, designed to provide primary care and secondary care in a single organisation. 

The money is coming from NHS England’s ‘Transformation Fund’, although its chief executive Simon Stevens has told Pulse that the primary care elements of the organisations would come out of the total budget for primary care.

The eight hospital-led ‘Primary and Acute Care Systems (PACS)’ will receive £30.9m, ranging from £75,000 to £6.6m.

NHS Dudley CCG, which is leading the development of the ’All Together Better’ MCP in Dudley and is receiving £4.4m for 2016/17, said the funding would allow it ‘to continue our work to redesign the health and care system, to ensure we can support teams across organisations to work better together to support our most vulnerable people in the borough’.

Chief executive officer Paul Maubach said: ‘The development of an MCP is a key part of recognising we need to do things differently. Since taking on the responsibility of commissioning primary care last year we are keen to prioritise its development, the funding will help us to do this.

‘The money will also support our plans to further develop a network of GP led multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs). With the GP at the heart of this model, this will see all the people involved in a person’s care coming together regularly at the GP practice to discuss their needs.’

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