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GP polysystem plans axed

By Gareth Iacobucci, Ian Quinn

PCTs are already scrapping plans for GP polysystems following health secretary Andrew Lansley's decision to shelve massive shifts of hospital care to GPs.

A number of trusts have ordered a stop to plans, pending further consultation with local clinicians and patients. But there is still confusion over what constitutes GP consultation, with some trusts insisting the co-operation of local commissioning groups is enough.

In a letter to PCT managers, NHS chief executive Sir David Nicholson outlined the new Government's insistence that any proposals must improve patient outcomes, consider patient choice, have support from GP commissioners and be based on sound clinical evidence in order to be valid.

Among trusts pledging to alter existing plans were NHS Milton Keynes and NHS Hillingdon, which said its plan was under review. But NHS Westminster will continue with plans drawn up ‘in close liaison' with PBC leads.