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GP practices to be trained in QOF alternatives under CCG plans

GPs are being coached in how to do local alternatives to QOF, with one CCG sending in trainers to practices on their request.

NHS Dudley CCG, which is commissioning a ‘fundamental change’ to QOF, said training required included on business rules, data entry and workforce planning.

The CCG said that it was the practices themselves that asked for the teams of trainers to be sent in.

A spokesperson said practices requested training which ’ranges from training of the practice management team on the business rules, the clinical workforce on the EMIS template, and additional training of the clinical workforce for care planning’.

The spokesperson said: ’The CCG is looking to develop and implement an education programme specifically designed to support the implementation of the new contractual framework.

’This would be a team of people working directly with the practices and their staff – within their practices – to train and enable the practice to implement the framework.  The team would be required to work with practice and provide training for the clinical and non-clinical workforce on all elements of the new framework i.e. from EMIS templates to care planning.’

NHS Dudley CCG has said it is not abandoning the QOF entirely but is overhauling it into a less ‘segmented’ system and aligning incentives with community and secondary care.

As previously reported, all practices in the CCG, which were already federated, have now joined a multispeciality community provider (MCP) vanguard and QOF money will be used for capitation payments.

The spokesperson said: ’The new contractual framework being piloted fundamentally changes the way in which the current QOF is delivered. Our practices have asked for training and support for all practice staff to enable them to deliver the new framework.’






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