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GP to chair record extraction advisory group

London GP and GPC member Dr Joanne Bailey has been appointed as the new chair of the body that make recommendations on the information to be extracted from GP surgeries and its use.

Dr Bailey, who is also a member of the RCGP’s health informatics group, was nominated to chair the Independent Advisory Group  for the General Practice Extraction Service which will be extracting patient records, alongside other data.

GPES is the automated system which has so far only been used for extracting information relating to payments such as QOF and enhanced services, but will in future handle other regular extractions including patient records extracted for the scheme.

Dr Bailey said: ‘I am delighted to be taking on this role. I intend to ensure that the Independent Advisory Group continues to put at the heart of its decision making the dual aims of protecting patient confidentiality and using data to improve health services and treatments in the future.’

The GPES and CQRS systems were introduced last year to replace the existing QMAS system, however technical problems have forced GPs to manually input data for vaccinations and enhanced services, and caused severe disruption to payments.