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GPC sets up online guide to help practices manage workload

The GPC has set up an online guide with advice on how GP practices can manage inappropriate workload, as well as guidance on how to work ‘at scale’ by networking or federating with other practices.

The ‘Quality first’ porthole has guides on assessing and negotiating workload, and on new technology and ways of working, such as electronic booking and prescribing systems to reduce paperwork.

It comes as GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul told the BMA’s Annual Representatives Meeting earlier this week that pressure on GPs has ‘sunk to new depths’.

The GPC said the portal would provide ‘practical support to manage your daily work and examples of different ways of working under pressure and at scale’.

It says, for example, on managing inapproproate workload: ‘Accepting inappropriate work from elsewhere risks undermining the quality of care for your patients. Practices which act to reduce this work must ensure that measures are in place to ensure patient safety.’

Cleveland LMC told members: ‘This is by no means a final product, and GPC hope to keep adding on and evolving the portal as feedback and new examples are received from around the country.’

GPs can email examples of effective workload management to to be added to the resources, it added.