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GPs lose out on thousands of pounds in QMAS error

By Gareth Iacobucci

Exclusive: Errors in the software that collects QOF data could result in practices being underpaid by thousands of pounds, Pulse has learned.

The latest round of QMAS calculations carried out by software in April – and for which GPs are due to be paid in the next few weeks – under-recorded some prevalence figures by up to 50%.

One GP who contacted Pulse said his practice would lose £3,000 if the erroneous figures were not corrected.

Both the BMA and the Department of Health said they were investigating the problems.

A DH spokesperson said: ‘We are checking the figures carefully. The calculations made by QMAS appear to be correct and in accordance with agreed changes to the QOF prevalence formula. We are, however, examining the issue further.'

But a GP who wished not be named told Pulse his practice could lose thousands of pounds as a result of the errors.

He said: ‘My practice's obesity prevalence, for example, went from 1.51 on an ad-hoc run two days before 1 April to 0.99 on 1 April itself. I think this has cost my practice £3,000.'

Dr Simon Clay, a GP in Birmingham and QOF expert, said: ‘This type of error compounds the problems practices face.'

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