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GPs to get ‘1% pay rise’ from April but final funding uplift yet to be decided

Individual GPs can expect a 1% pay uplift from April, the GPC has promised, after reaching the 2017/18 contract deal with the Government.

The GPC said the increase would cover expenses and be added to core payments, although a spokesperson told Pulse that the final percentage uplift to global sum had yet to be agreed.

In addition, the GPC has negotiated for GPs to be reimbursed for increased workload resulting from the botched outsourcing of primary care support services as well as funding to cover increased costs of superannuation.

The GPC said in a statement: ‘We have… agreed an increase in expenses that should deliver a pay uplift of 1%, which will be added to global sum.’

It has also agreed targeted uplifts of:

  • £3.8 million ‘to recognise increased superannuation costs of 0.08% as a result of changes to the NHS pension scheme to take effect in April 2017’.
  • £2m to be ‘added to the contract to account for increases in practices’ workload as a result of changes to the primary care support services, provided by Capita’. The GPC said this is ‘to cover the extra work involved in bagging and labelling patient records as the current pilot is extended across England’,
  • £58.9 million will be added to the contract to cover the estimated cost of increased population growth.
  • ‘Eligible practices’ will be reimbursed for ‘all costs relating to levies incurred as a result of being in a Business Improvement District’. This reimbursement will be made via the Premises Costs Directions.

The GP contract saw a 3.2% total uplift in 2016/17, which the Government said would translate to a 1% pay uplift.

But GP partners saw their pay drop by an average of 4% in the first six months of the financial year, despite this increase, according to a survey of GPs carried out by Pulse last year.