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In full: What would GPs remove from QOF?

The GPC and ministers have indicated they intend to reduce the size of the QOF next year. Please specify what indicators would you like to see removed

Depression - 32%

GPPAQ - 20%

Dementia - 6%

Rheumatoid arthritis - 6%

Erectile dysfunction in diabetes - 4%


Would you like to see QOF scrapped in its entirety?

Yes 37%

No 47%

Don’t know 16%


Since April, have you stopped doing any QOF work which you previously used to do?

Yes - 16% (129)

No - 70%

Don’t know - 14%


If yes, please specify which QOF work

Things that don’t pay enough or take too long - 22%

Depression - 8%

GPPAQ - 8%

Source: Pulse survey of 826 GPs