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Inquiry finds wide variation in GP performance

By Christian Duffin

Exclusive: A landmark report out next month will reveal wide variations in almost every aspect of GP performance ­ including prescribing, referral rates and QOF scores, Pulse has learned.

The King's Fund's two-year Inquiry into the Quality of General Practice will be published, containing recommendations for how improvements can be made, said chief executive Professor Chris Ham.

He said a lack of data meant other areas such as continuity of care could not be analysed, but that the think tank was recommending these should be measured in future.

Professor Ham said: There is wide variation for almost every indicator.

'Our report will bring all the data together, talking about how the quality varies and raising questions about who needs to take responsibility for improving it.'

He added that improving clinical practice was the best way to make efficiency savings, but that making savings would be a challenge for some practices and could hit patient care.

Interview with Professor Chris Ham

Professor Chris Ham