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MDDUS cut costs of payments to directors in 2015

The Medical and Dental Doctors Union of Scotland (MDDUS) cut the overall cost of payments to directors in 2015 by 15%, following a spike in 2014 due to a ‘one-off’ payment to the outgoing CEO.

The total costs of payments to directors decreased from £1.447m in 2014 to £1.228 in 2015.

The costs included CEO Chris Kenny’s salary of £436,000 in 2015., which was only a small increase on the £432,000 salary of former CEO Professor Gordon Dickson in 2013.

However, the total payments to the other directors in 2015 was £792,000 – an increase of 20% on the 2014 figure.

The MDDUS finalised accounts for their directors and CEO pay in 2015, after Pulse reported last month that salaries for the top directors across the UK’s three indemnity mutuals had increased by hundreds of thousands.

MDDUS explained at the time of Pulse’s article that it had made a one-off payment to outgoing chief executive, Professor Gordon Dickson.

A spokesperson told Pulse that Professor Dickson’s leaving payment was made after he ‘oversaw restructuring and over a decade of considerable growth for MDDUS’.

MDDUS top salaries


£436,000  –  2015

£786,000  –  2014 *

£432,000  –  2013


Total director payments

£1.228m  –  2015

£1.447m  –  2014 *

£1.055m  –  2013


Total director payments – CEO

£792,000  –  2015

£661,000  –  2014

£623,000  –  2013


*includes a one-off payment to departing CEO Professor Gordon Dickson