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NAPC calls for Government rethink on PMS reviews

Exclusive GP leaders are warning that ‘thousands’ of GP jobs will be put at risk as a result of PMS reviews and are now calling for a Government rethink.

The National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) will be holding a summit on PMS in London 1 October to debate the funding issues faced by practices to encourage debate, it said.

NHS England has ordered area teams to review £260 million of PMS provision it said was not linked explicitly to extra patient services, but the NAPC warned that there were ‘significant problems’ with how they were being carried out.

Already, GP leaders have warned PMS practices are being left unsupported amid ‘illogical’ approaches to the review in parts of the country.

NAPC president Dr James Kingsland said: ‘The investment in PMS has supported the employment of salaried GPs and nurse practitioners in disadvantaged areas. These funding cuts will mean the loss of thousands of GP and nurse appointments, damaging patient care in areas that need it most.’

NAPC chair Dr Charles Alessi told Pulse that there were ‘significant problems’ with the way the review was being carried out.

He said: ‘The way this is being done is not particularly helpful. In many respects, even when you look at the increase in GMS baseline, we’re looking at an average loss of as much as £80,000 per practice, which is ineviably going to lead to some real problems with GMS.

‘We have been looking for reassurance from NHS England that the money will not be lost to primary care, but have heard nothing. This is a very serious issue and it needs to be managed, and it’s not being managed effectively by NHS England.’