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NICE invites new QOF indicator submissions

By Lilian Anekwe

NICE is calling for new suggestions for indicators for the 2013/14 Quality and Outcomes Framework.

GPs are invited to submit suggestions for consideration by the NICE independent QOF Indicator Advisory Committee online via the NICE website.

The first phase is open from 23 August until 20 September. When this four-week period closes each suggestion will be reviewed against criteria provided in the submission form and suitable suggestions for the QOF will be presented to an independent advisory committee to consider.

Dr Fergus Macbeth, director of the NICE Centre for Clinical Practice, said: ‘We recognise the importance of making sure professional groups, patients and community and voluntary organisations have a clear opportunity to contribute to the development of indicators at every stage of the NICE process for QOF.

‘For this reason, our topic suggestion facility will encourage anyone with an interest in health to make their opinion heard. We actively encourage any recommendations and look forward to considering them at the QOF advisory committee meeting in December 2010.'

NICE has been responsible for drafting new QOF indicators since October 2008. Earlier this month the institute published a new raft of indicators for negotiation by the GPC and NHS Employers for the 2011/12 QOF, as well as indicators recommended for piloting with a view to developing them for possible inclusion in the 2012/13 QOF.

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