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PMS and APMS practices to receive a £1.66 per patient funding uplift

PMS and APMS practices are set to receive a £1.66 increase in contractual funding per weighted payment as of this month.

The uplift is smaller than the £2.21 awarded per weighted patient to GMS practices because PMS and APMS practices do not get a share of the funding coming form the withdrawal of MPIG.

In a guidance document calling for commissioners to take ‘an equitable and consistent approach to funding the core service’, NHS England urged local commissioners to ensure contracts were updated as soon as possible.

For the first time, NHS England has issued PMS and APMS payment guidance to both area teams and CCGs, as 77 CCGs have taken on the majority of GP contracting duties as of yesterday (1 April) via co-commissioning.

NHS England’s guidance said: ‘NHS England is committed to an equitable and consistent approach to funding the core services expected of all GP practices. Following the changes agreed to the GMS contract for 2015/16, this document sets out the approach to the funding changes that NHS England will apply to PMS and APMS contracts.

‘NHS England teams will update local PMS and APMS contracts as soon as possible, applying the funding changes identified with effect from 1 April 2015. CCGs working under delegation agreement will also apply the changes to local PMS and APMS contracts in line with this guidance.’

It further said this uplift, which is for core services, should be treated as a matter separate from ongoing reviews of premium payments to practices.

It comes as the BMA has created a guide to contractual payments for 2015/16 which applies to GMS, PMS and APMS practices to help them understand the funding changes that come into effect from this month.

The document explains how this year’s uplift has been calculated for all contractual groups and also explains why the GMS global sum is due for another uplift in October.

In full: NHS England and BMA guidance on 2015/16 GP contractual payments

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