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Reject enhanced services to secure future of general practice and patient safety, says LMC

An LMC is calling on its member practices to ‘act collectively’ and reject underfunded enhanced services in order to secure the ‘long-term future of general practice’.

Surrey and Sussex LMC wrote in their March newsletter that they would support practices that turned down enhanced services on the basis that the work load wasn’t sufficiently remunerated.

The LMC has argued against the underfunding of services, and made its most recent announcement in light of the marginal pay uplift announced in last month’s DDRB review which they say ‘presents real cost pressure for practices.’

The newsletter states: ‘Our success can only be achieved if practices are willing to act collectively and accept that they may have to decline to provide unfunded, or under-funded, services.’

‘The LMC will continue to support practices who decline such work and, although such decisions are professionally challenging, this may be the only route to securing the longer-term future of general practice and the provision of a safe service for our patients.’