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Scottish GPs to be polled on new contract following special conference

GPs in Scotland are likely to be polled on new contract proposals shortly after a special LMCs conference at the end of the year, the BMA has confirmed.

The meeting in Glasgow will be held on 1 December with the sole purpose of discussing the new contract which is currently under negotiation.

It is possible that details of the contract will be announced before the conference, the BMA said, but it is expected to be around the same time.

A spokesperson said: ‘The conference will not vote on the contract, it is expected that the profession will be polled shortly after conference on the contract proposals.’

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The Scottish Government has promised £500m for primary care by 2020 – £250m directly for general practice – and a new contract is being negotiated in which pharmacists, nurses and other primary care professionals take on a greater role to reduce pressure on GPs.

The GPC has previously said that some decisions would happen over the next year without a vote, such as removal of child immunisations from core GMS work, but that once the funding is started the contract will be put to GP partners.