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Live blog: LMCs Conference 2015

14:20 Back again. After a series of pretty unanimous motions, we have a tight vote on a radical proposal – paying GPs by activity. This is big. We’ll have a story on this very soon.

12:00 Slight lull at the moment, as local leaders have headed off to their breakout sessions. But, a recap: GP leaders have called for NHS 111, CQC and unplanned admissions DES to be scrapped. And the GMC has created a climate of fear. It seems as though local leaders have found their voice…

11:00 And they have voted for the abolition of the unplanned admissions DES! So that is NHS 111, CQC and unplanned admissions DES (more to come on that) for abolition now. Any more?

10:30 Dr Adam Harrison from Nottinghamshire warned some GPs being quoted £35/hour for indemnity for out-of-hours – and that many GPs would be shocked to see how little they are actually covered for – unsurprisingly, conference backs motion condemning the ‘increasingly prohibitive costs’ of medical defence cover for GPs.

10:02 The motion to abolish the CQC is passed, almost unanimously! Lots more to follow on this!

10:00 We have a new superhero in town. Dr Krishna Kasaraneni reveals that his middle name (according to the CQC) is now Batman, because they wouldn’t register him with his real middle name, as they didn’t recognise it.

9:50 Dr Paul Cundy – who has history with the CQC – gives a rip-roaring speech against the CQC, even producing some special toilet roll with the words ‘CQC inspection report’ printed all over it. He urges practices to record any conversations with inspectors – ‘something I shouldn’t have to do on such a big platform’.

9:45 Dr Grant Ingrams is presenting a motion calling for the CQC to be scrapped. He compares them to the pyramids, then said it was more like the Eiffel Tower. ‘I thought they were in de Nile – but they were actually in Seine’. It doesn’t work well written down (or said out loud – sorry Dr Ingrams). Regardless, there is major support at first glance.

9:40 On a motion on the appraisal service, which said it had  become a workload burden. Mike Griffiths from Gwent argued that the motion was too anglo-centric – and that appraisals process in Wales actually a good system – but James Kennedy from Berks (who put the motion) said even though slightly better in some jurisdictions, none has got it right.

9:35 One from last night – GPs voting against the scrapping of QOF (and against calling it unfit-for-purpose). A significant difference to Scottish GPs...

9:15 That’s passed! GPs agree that It follows on from a Scottish motion earlier this year – it will be interesting how the GPC conveys to the GMC that they are ‘creating a climate of fear’. We’ll have more on that later.

9:00 Welcome to today’s blog. Yesterday, GPs called for NHS 111 to be scrapped. Today, the CQC and the GMC are in the firing line. A big motion to start – saying the GMC has created a ‘climate of fear’.