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White paper highlights the pioneers and the passive

The white paper has engaged the attention of GPs who have chosen until now to ignore commissioning – while pioneers wonder how they will effectively work with such passive practices

PBC clinical network lead Dr James Kingsland said: ‘Commissioning accountability will be variable but it won't be the case that you can say "I'm not going to be involved at all".'

Dr Donal Hynes, vice chair of the NHS Alliance, said: ‘If I have the privilege of a registered list I must do the commissioning or get someone to do it on my behalf.'

‘But that still means if I join the local consortium and they say "Donal, you're a wonderful GP but you're not identifying patients with diabetes early enough and it's incurring large costs" that is a different tone of conversation [from one with a PCT]. The consortium could say unless you work with us we can't do your commissioning. There is a leverage that hasn't been there before.'

Dr James Kingsland: GPs cannot ignore commissioning Dr James Kingsland: GPs cannot ignore commissioning