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100 GPs sign letter on Pulse telling Prime Minister general practice is ‘not safe’

Over 100 GPs have co-signed a letter warning Prime Minister David Cameron that general practice is no longer safe for patients, and telling him to start treating NHS staff with more respect. 

The letter from Tower Hamlets GP partner and LMC member Dr Naomi Beer, published on Pulse only last night, argues that the NHS is not safe in Mr Cameron’s hands and urges him to start listening to GPs to find a remedy to the situation.

Dr Beer, whose practice launched a campaign to stop closures resulting from MPIG cuts in 2014, said Mr Cameron must stop ‘misrepresenting evidence’ to ’suit his ideologies’, while treating NHS staff ‘with contempt’.

She says Mr Cameron ’appears blind and deaf’ to what is happening around him, with ’doctors and nurses who are burned out, shattered, sick and exiting’ and this is why GPs at the Special LMC Conference last week voted to ‘if it comes to it, tender mass resignation’.

She concludes: ’Both the fault and the remedy is at your door. Money is needed but money alone will not get them back. Prime Minister, confidence is the precious resource you need to regain.

’Come to my practice and speak to my patients and I will show you how. But I urge you to be open to hearing some hard truths, because the health service is not currently safe in your hands and your legacy could be the start of its destruction.’

It comes after GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul warned in a barnstorming speech at the Special LMC conference that general practice is now ‘in a state of emergency’.

At the conference, delegates voted in favour of GPC canvassing GPs on their willingness to submit undated resignations unless the Government agrees with the GPC on a rescue deal for general practice within six months.

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If you would like to co-sign this letter with Dr Beer, then please click here and place your name in the comment box below the letter. All names will be included with the letter when it is sent to 10 Downing Street later this month.