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Government surveys GPs on indemnity costs

GPs are being asked to supply details of their cost of indemnity and working patterns in a survey launched by the Government.

Created by NHS England and the Depatment of Health, the survey aims to collect information for their ongoing review into GP indemnity.

The survey, which closes at 5pm on Monday, asks for details about GP indemnity fees over the last three years and about indemnity costs for other practice staff.

It also asks whether the cost of indemnity has deterred GPs from taking on more sessions and whether GPs feel they understand the indemnity market.

NHS England promised in the GP Forward View that rising costs of GP indemnity would be addressed, with proposals to ease the indemnity crisis to be brought forward by NHS England by next month

Simon Stevens, NHS England’s chief executive, has ruled out a model of Crown indemnity which he claimed still would mean GPs paying fees to the NHS Litigation Authority.

The situation with rising indemnity costs in England is causing increasing concern for GPs and practices, with fees rising 26% last year.

As revealed by Pulse, it has even prompted English GPs to move to Scotland because of lower indemnity fees north of the border.