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LMC leaders call for three-year contract in Scotland

LMC leaders in Scotland are calling on the Scottish GPC (SGPC) to move to a three-year contract from next year, in a motion to be debated at the Scottish LMCs conference this week.

The motion, put by the LMCs Agenda Committee and backed by Glasgow LMC, seeks to consolidate changes negotiated for this year – including a big cutback in QOF ‘bean counting’ – into a future three-year contract from April 2015.

The SGPC agreed removal of 264 QOF points this year, in return for work on integration and access.

The motion ‘congratulates the negotiators on their success with this year’s GMS contract settlement and calls on SGPC to work closely with GPs and LMCs in developing a three-year contract for 2015/16’.

However there are also motions on the currently ‘unsustainable’ GP workload, with one motion arguing this year’s settlement ‘will do little’ to reduce this, and calls for greater consultation with grassroots GPs before the next round of negotiations begin.

The conference, which takes place this Friday in Clydebank, near Glasgow, will again debate a move to a separate Scottish GP contract, as well as concerns recruitment problems are impacting on out-of-hours cover and the under-resourcing of urban and deprived practices.