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GPs asked to not declare flu data for September amid technical issues

GPs asked to not declare flu data for September amid technical issues

GP practices have been asked not to declare their September flu achievement figures because of issues with the data.

Commissioners are also being asked not to approve any flu payments that have already been declared by practices for last month.

In a primary care bulletin, NHS England said they had been notified of issues impacting both adult and childhood flu vaccine extracts.

Work is now underway to investigate and fix the problem, the bulletin said.

Putting a halt on practices declaring flu vaccine data will mitigate the need for manual reconciliation work once the matter has been resolved, NHS England added.

Declarations and approvals may continue for all other services and practices should liaise with their commissioner if there are concerns that a delay in payment may impact on practice finances.

Under the flu vaccination enhanced service, GP practices are required to do call and recall for children aged 2 and 3 years old; those aged 50 and over; and those aged 6 months to 50 years in a clinical at-risk group.

They are also ‘strongly encouraged’ to invite the 50-to-64-year-old cohorts that do not fall into the at risk category for vaccination. This cohort becomes eligible tomorrow.

Government public health experts have warned this year’s flu season is likely to be severe and strike early.