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25,000 Irish women sought abortions in England and Wales, NHS financial problems ‘endemic’, and ‘night milk’ makes you sleepy

Almost 25,000 women travelled from Ireland to England or Wales for abortions in the past five years, the Guardian reports.

Department of Health figures, obtained by Belfast journalism project Detail Data, show 4,652 terminations were recorded on women from Northern Ireland, and 19,947 from the Republic of Ireland.

Abortions are illegal across Ireland, and the figures also reflect that 200 of the terminations were on girls under 16.

Financial problems are becoming ‘endemic’ in the NHS, according to a National Audit Office report which concludes record deficit levels – forecast to be £2bn across NHS trusts by the end of 2015/16 – are becoming normal practice.

And the BBC states the report also casts doubt on whether NHS England’s Five-Year Forward View will deliver the £22bn in efficiency savings that are required, saying it relies on ‘untested’ plans with ‘limited evidence’ behind them.

And finally, researchers have reportedly found that cows milked at night will produce a sleep inducing drink, according to the The Telegraph’s ‘trending’ desk.

The South Korean study, published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, assumes that ‘night milk’ is higher in tryptophan and melatonin and found that mice fed on it were less active and had decreased coordination.

This will of course be old news to anyone who remembers the popular South Korean rhyme, ‘cows milked at night, you’ll be out like a light. Cow’s milked in the morning, will stop you yawning (if you don’t look at the p values too closely)’ – Editor’s note: Rhyme may have been invented for comedic effect.