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A ‘simple pill’ for Alzheimer’s, ‘production line’ surgery and a jump in hospital readmissions among the elderly

A ‘simple pill’ to cure Alzheimer’s disease may be on the cards thanks to ‘historic’ progress made by British researchers, the Independent reports on its front page today.

Scientists have developed clues to halting the degeneration of cells in the brain, the paper reports. Studying mice with a mouse disease coming closest to Alzheimer’s, the Leicester University researchers were able to halt the death of brain cells using a drug.

‘It’s a real step forward,’ team leader Professor Giovanna Mallucci said.

The NHS should import ‘production line’ techniques used in hospitals in India, Monitor has suggested in a report published today.

Quoted in the Telegraph, Monitor chief executive David Bennett said: ‘This is not poor quality care - this is genuinely a fundamentally different way of doing it. They have redesigned the whole process so the surgeon is basically doing nothing but operating on the patients.’

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Also in the Telegraph, a new report has warned that older people are discharged too early from hospital after major operations, amid a surge in readmissions rates with some reaching almost 70%.

Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb said: ‘NHS care doesn’t end after an operation. It is vital that hospitals work more closely with GPs and social care providers so patients are receiving better care when they get home.’