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BMA accuses Government of ‘economic illiteracy’ and why we’re facing five months of hayfever hell

The BMA’s demands of an extra £2bn for the NHS makes the papers this morning, including the front page of The Times which says the funding ‘black hole’ will ‘cause a care crisis’.

BMA chair Dr Mark Porter warned George Osbourne it would be ‘economic illiteracy’ not to announce extra money for healthcare before next year’s general election.

He said: ‘The NHS does work very efficiently, but you can’t carry on doing everything with less resources. That’s the basic fundamental contradiction in this,” he said. “The national health service is by objective measurement the most efficient health service on the planet.’

There is a ‘hayfever hell’ out there, as the Daily Express also goes with a health story splash. Apparently there will be five months of misery for sufferers as pollen counts are highest in 50 years.

But the good news is that ‘turning Japanese’ can help you live to 100, according to the Daily Mail. It advises giving up the Mediterranean diet of fish and salad ‘slathered in olive oil’ and instead getting stuck into sushi and seaweed. Sadly, dessert is off the menu but obesity rates could be cut to just 3.5% if Britons were to follow the Japanese example of eating until only 80% full.