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Cheaper gloves, aprons ‘could save NHS £5bn’, swine flu jab payout and a handful of peanuts keeps the doctor away

The NHS could save £5bn if hospitals bought the cheapest gloves, aprons and replacement hips, a new report is set to claim.

The BBC reports on the findings of Lord Carter’s report to the Department of Health, published today, which also recommends that the NHS makes better use of staff.

Eating a few nuts a day reduces the risk of early death, reports the Times.

The story, picked up by a number of papers this morning, refers to a Dutch study finding that just half a handful of peanuts a day cut the risk by a quarter.

The peanut eaters in the study were found to be leaner and healthier eaters but they did drink more alcohol.

Thew Government has to pay £120,000 to a 12-year-old boy suffering from narcolepsy.

The court ruling is expected to open the door for at least 100 victims thought to be suffering from the unintended consequence of having the swine flu vaccine, the Guardian reports.