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District nurses going extinct, ban drunks from A&E and the return of school milk

District nurses face extinction within a decade, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has warned. Reporting on a report published today, the Guardian writes that their numbers have almost halved over the past 11 years and they now spend only 37% of their time with patients.

The Metro is also focusing on nurses today – nurses who want to avoid having to deal with overly inebriated people in A&E.

‘Ban drunks from A&E’, says its front page, with delegate Uwem Otong telling the RCN’s annual conference: ‘Alcohol intoxication is not an accident. With other ailments or problems, if a GP is capable of dealing with that problem that issue should not go to A&E. So why should alcohol intoxication be accepted in A&E? I think it is a waste of resources.’

The health benefits of milk takes the limelight in the Daily Mail, as they report that education sectretary Michael Gove plans to crack down on school kids’ sugar intake and calcium deficiency by making schools offer semi-skimmed milk to pupils at least once a day. According to ‘sources’ in the Government, the hope is this will encourage kids to have a healthier diet and drink less fruit juice. However, the milk will continue to only be free for the under-fives.