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Doctors’ ethical duty to cut waste, calls for national health campaign and cheer up to live longer

Doctors have an ‘ethical duty’ to prevent NHS waste, reports the BBC. A report from the Academy of Royal Colleges said there were potential savings of £2bn on things like using medication better and doing only appropriate tests.

The BMA said the patient must always come first though, and over on The Telegraph there is a warning that the UK isn’t doing enough to tackle preventable diseases. A leading group of health charities called for ‘a national plan’ for health improvement to reduce the amount of people who are smoking, obese or drinking too much alcohol.

Lastly, the The Times reports that the key for old people to live longer may be to just simply cheer up. Those who are satisfied with life and had a sense of purpose were likely to outlive their miserable counterparts by on average two years, a study showed.