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Doctors named as second most trusted professionals in UK

Doctors have been named as the second most trusts professionals after nurses, but ahead of teachers and journalists.

Around 91% of people said they trusted doctors to tell the truth, just behind nurses on 93%, but far higher than the likes of NHS managers, who have a rating of 48%.

This is slightly higher rating for doctors than a similar poll last year, which found that 87% of people trusted their family doctor.

New polling by Ipsos MORI and Mumsnet, released to understand why people voted as they did during the EU referendum, shows that politicians are again at the bottom of the table, with only 15% of people trusting them to tell the truth, compared with 20% for Government ministers, 30% for estate agents and 37% for bankers.

Although distrust of pollsters, civil servants and business leaders has increased this year, support for scientists remains high with eight out of 10 people saying they trust them.

Economists, who were included in the index for the first time, come in the middle of the table, trusted by 48% – coincidentally, exactly the proportion of the electorate that voted to remain in the EU, the results showed.