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Ebola nurse healthy again, the age at which to expect grey hairs and F1 tech to monitor health

Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey, the Scottish heroine who developed the virus while volunteering amid the west African outbreak, has made a full recovery for a second time.

Ms Cafferkey, who was successfully treated for the virus at London’s Royal Free Hospital, fell ill with meningitis caused by the virus in October and was placed back in isolation.

However she is now no longer infectious and well enough to travel home to Scotland, reports the BBC.

A survey of 2,000 people has shown when in their life to expect the onset of common ailments, including grey hairs at 39, arthritis at 40, back problems at 33, ankle problems at 32 and migraines at the age of 24.

In all, two-thirds of respondents said they could ‘feel their health deteriorate’ after the age of 30.

A spokesperson for vitamin brand Healthspan, which conducted the poll, told the Daily Mail: ‘It’s inevitable that as we age we will get more health complaints, as youngsters you are more resilient and can shake things off far quicker.’

A hospital has teamed up with Formula One team McLaren to develop technology to monitor the health of sick children, the Telegraph reports.

The Birmingham Children’s hospital said the technology would ‘transform healthcare’.

The paper explained that wireless sensors are attached to the chest and ankle to measure vital signs which are processed using McLaren’s data analytics programme.