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Failings in the NHS make headlines, launch of ebola TV appeal and why we should replace salt with herbs

A Health Service Ombudsman report makes it onto the front pages of the Telegraph and the Times this morning, with the latter proposing that the NHS is ‘failing every generation’. The ombudsman Dame Julie Mellor said the review of 126 investigations into individual failings in the NHS had left her concerned over a lack of care and compassion. The Times focuses on a finding that patients are being sent home from hospital too soon.

The British Disasters Emergency Committee, a group of 13 charities, has launched its first-ever appeal for donations to battle a disease outbreak, the Daily Mail reports. The TV appeal will say the next 60 days are crucial for preventing the outbreak turning into a large-scale disaster in West Africa.

Spices and herbs could replace our reliance on using salt and fat to make food taste good, researchers have said. Studies showed that people who used herbs and spices in their cooking automatically ended up using less salt, providing hope for a reduction in disease caused by obesity and high blood pressure, the Telegraph reports.