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Francis accuses health bosses of complacency, coalition failing on pledge to cut violence and Fifty Shades of Grey sparks STI boom in over-45s

If the NHS was an airline ‘planes would fall out of the sky all the time’ according to the chairman of the inquiry into Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, Robert Francis QC.

In an interview with the Telegraph, he accused health service bosses of being ‘complacent’, but said Jeremy Hunt’s reign as health secretary had been a ‘refreshing change’.

Mr Francis told the Telegraph: ‘“If we ran our airline industry on the same basis, planes would be falling out of the sky all the time,” the barrister said. “We’ve just got to change the attitude that because it’s provided by the state it’s all right for a number of people to be treated badly.’

A Coalition pledge to cut violent attacks by rolling out an information-sharing scheme in A&E departments is ‘frustrating’ ministers as hospitals have no incentive to implement adopt it.

The Guardian reports the scheme asks hospitals to share anonymised reports with the police about when, where and how victims were attacked and has cut violence by 40% by allowing officers to target hotspots.

Dr Adrian Boyle, chair of the quality in emergency care committee of the College of Emergency Medicine (CEM), called for incentives for hospitals and told the Guardian: ‘The implementation is not working as well as we would have liked, it is frustrating.’

Raunchy bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey turned thousands on, to reading. But now it seems there’s an unwelcome consequence for inspired readers as the Independent reports a steep rise in STIs amongst over-45s.

Public Health England figures reports 3% rise in the number of STIs in those 45-64, and amongst the over-65s infections were up 7%.

Chair of GPC Wales, Dr Charlotte Jones told the Independent: ‘When it comes to forgetting about safe sex we always think of the vulnerability of young people, but there’s the Fifty Shades of Grey effect where older people are being more explorative but not necessarily remembering to use a condom.’

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