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Government fears lonely people will go to A&E, a computer chip to cure arthritis and the comatose man who learnt French

The Government is concerned lonely people may turn up to A&E over the Christmas holiday, launching an appeal to the public to check in on elderly relatives, the BBC reports. The plea comes as A&E visits were up by 6% on the previous year.

Researchers potentially bring a Christmas present to the UK’s 400,000 arthritis sufferers, as they demonstrate a way to ‘hack’ into a person’s nervous system via a tiny electronic implant which encourages the brain to cure joint imflammation, writes the Telegraph.

A different sort of present altogether awaited a footballer who woke from a coma, the Daily Mail tells us. Apparently 25-year-old Rory Curtis from Redditch was suddenly able to speak fluent French. However unfortunately he was also certain he was Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey.


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