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GP leaders forced to produce care record advice

By Richard Staines

London LMCs have created an online information resource for GPs to ensure they are aware of roll-out of the Summary Care Record across the capital.

Letters are being sent by the London Programme for IT to patients across the capital, informing them that they have 12 weeks to decide whether or not to opt out of the SCR.

There are concerns that patients are confused by, or may simply ignore the information produced by the London Programme for IT as part of the roll-out of the SCR across the capital.

And as Pulse reported earlier this week, plans by NHS London to mail patients detailed information packs have been shelved. Patients can either call a premium rate number or send a stamped, self addressed envelope to get more details.

A letter, from Dr Michelle Drage and Dr Tony Stanton, joint CEOs of the Londonwide LMCs, said: ‘Concerns have been expressed that the very short period which patients are being given to exercise their right to choose is far from ideal. Many patients will have worries which they will wish to have addressed, and many may not bother or may ignore the letters and miss their chance to opt out from the start.'

A poster outlining the facts plus an online fact sheet are available.

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