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GP MP ‘wants people to wait longer’ in A&E, fruit bar diabetes ‘breakthrough’ and why organic milk may be bad for unborn babies

A Tory MP who is also a part-time GP ‘wants people to wait even longer’ at A&E, the Mirror writes. Dr Phillip Lee was quoted as saying that people misusing the service should be made to wait.

He said: ‘Personally, I think there are a number of people in A&E who should be waiting more than four hours, okay? Because it was a weapon in the past to try to stop people misusing the service.’

The latest diabetes ‘breakthrough’ has been hailed in the form of a fruit snackbar. US scientists have spent 10 years developing the bar which contains fibre, omega-3, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acid. The Daily Express reports that the ‘CHORI-bar’ could be a ‘cheap and easy’ way to prevent type-2 diabetes.

In clinical trials people eating two bars a day saw health benefits as well as weight loss, the paper said.

Drinking organic milk while pregnant may lower the child’s IQ, the Telegraph reports. According to a study, organic milk is ‘less healthy’ than conventially produced milk because it contains less iodine, a nutrient that important for early brain development. It also helps control metabolism in adults.

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