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GP practices warned against invoice fraud scams

GPs have been warned to check that invoices received are genuine, after a number of practices were targeted by invoice fraud scams. 

In an alert to practices, NHS England said that fake invoices designed to appear genuine demanding immediate payment for goods including stationary, toner cartridges or printer accessories had been received by GP practices. 

NHS England said: ‘The fraudsters’ aim is to trick unsuspecting GP Practices into paying fake invoices for goods neither ordered or received. One such invoice was received from a company named “Office Supply” or “The Office Supply”. The invoice contained a company number, VAT number and details of goods allegedly ordered.’

GP practice staff have been advised to remain vigilant to scams, not respond to unsolicited emails or calls demanding payments and not to feel pressured to pay invoices for items not ordered or received. 

NHS England issued the following advice to practices receiving invoices they did not recognise:

  • Check whether you have a record of ordering the goods or services detailed on the invoice
  • Check whether the practice has received the items listed
  • Consider searching for the company online in an attempt to establish if the business is genuine 
  • Do not contact the company using the details contained in the invoice  
  • Do not pay the invoice unless it can be determined that the invoice is genuine and the goods have been received 

It said GPs who have received a fake invoice should please report the matter to the NHS Counter Fraud Authority on 0800 028 40 60 or report online